Big Ask


What matters to you in your community?

Crime? Housing? Street lighting? What’s the big issue where you live?

To coincide with the council elections that took place in May 2014, the University of Manchester Students' Union asked you about the top things you were worried about in your community. 


After listening carefully to what you had to say, we made a list of your top 5 concerns: 

  1. Crime: burglaries, muggings, sexual harassment
  2. Housing: bad housing conditions, bad landlords, high rent
  3. Bin Collection and Litter: lack of bins, lack of recycling facilities
  4. Cycling Safety: not enough and unclear cycling lanes, traffic, pot holes
  5. Street lighting: unsafe streets, being frightened at night


We wanted to take what you all said and present it to Manchester City Council political candidates. So we held an event called The Big Ask Question Time for you to ask them about your issues and see what they planned to do about it.

Candidates attended from the Conservative Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, Green Party, UKIP and the Pirate Party, and audience members were able to directly voice concerns and ask the party representatives what action they were taking on specific issues which mattered to the student community.