Elections Running Now

Dalton Ellis Hall By-election Schedule (For the position of Environmental Officer):


Nominations open from 20th March (9am). Closing 26th March at 4pm.

Campaigning period from 24th Mar - 27th Mar.

Voting open from 27th Mar (12 am). Closing 30th Mar (4 pm).

Result announcement online 31st Mar.

The majority of the RA/JCR elections happen in October each year. 

Standing in any student election is a great thing to do while at University, and standing for a role on your RA/JCR is no exception. It's a great chance to get stuck into Halls life, meet loads of new people while developing all kinds of organisational, event management and communication skills.

Once you've decided to stand you will need to first decide which position you want to hold on your RA/JCR Committee. Every Halls has different roles available so it's best to check out which positions are available to you. Click here to see what roles are available. 

Once you've decided, all you need to do is stand online here, and you're ready to start your campaign!