Off-campus discipline

The University of Manchester is trying to create new regulations that mean “a student may be liable for disciplinary action in respect of conduct that damages the University’s relationship or reputation with its local communities”.

This policy is based on the premise that students are separate to the ‘community’, a divisive idea that does not recognise students as residents of, and contributors to, their local community. It is also a paternalistic approach which only recognises students as members of the University and discounts their autonomy as citizens. The University is an educational institution, not a civil court and should not try to act as a disciplinary body for how people behave as residents.

The decision to implement these regulations will be taken at University Senate – a body of academics responsible for the quality of our education and how it is regulated. We are calling on the members of this body not to treat students in this way, and to treat our members like adults in their communities. The University of Manchester should not act as police on our students in their homes. As the SU Exec team, we will be speaking against this proposal on June 25th, but we need all the help we can get if we’re going to stop it passing.

So what can you do to help?

  1. We would love it if you could sign and share this petition and share it with your University friends. I know this might seem like just another survey, but when we go to University Senate on June 25th, it will really help if we have the weight of students behind us.
  2. Email your tutors – it would be brilliant if enough of you could email your tutors, asking them to lobby their Senate representative to vote against this proposal. We have already got the support of some academics on Senate, but we need as many as possible if we’re going to win.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and of course we’ll keep you updated on progress. We hope you all have amazing summers.

The Exec team

5 Reasons to sign the petition:

  1. The University is here to educate students, not to police them!
  2. The University does not have the ability to collect evidence and conduct a ‘fair trial’ –students could therefore become the victims of excessive complaints by local residents.
  3. We are citizens as well as students! And should be subject to the same rules as anyone else in the local community.
  4. This policy casts students in a negative light and fails to recognise the immense amount of time and effort students put in to volunteering in the local community.
  5. The University cares more about its ‘reputation than it does its students – this needs to be challenged!

Also: read our full report on this issue to see more arguments against the University's proposal, and our alternative way forward.