Pangaea Festival - SHIPWRECKED

This June, Pangaea rises again after the meteoric adventures of The Land Before Time. Who knows what the tide could bring?

The light of the moon illuminates the shattered remains of your ship, torn apart by jagged rocks. In the distance, an island. As you swim closer a distant thudding resonates over you on the sea breeze. Could it be the relentless beat of waves against the approaching cliffs?

The relief of sand against your feet is quickly forgotten as the relentless thud morphs into hypnotic melodies, escaping from the tropical forest at the end of the shore. Curiosity takes over as you peer through the leaves to find thousands of exiled ravers dancing through the night to the tribal beat. All memory of life before the island is lost as you walk hand in hand with your fellow castaways into tropical paradise in search of the treasures within.

Join us this summer for some of the best music under the sun at Pangaea - Castaway, with headliners Groove Armada!