Save our NHS

Do you value the NHS? Are you opposed to A&E closures, cuts to nursing staff and low-quality bus companies running our ambulances?

We are a group of students who love our NHS and refuse to sit quietly whilst this government wreaks havoc.

Some of the issues we have dealt with previously:

  • The closure of Trafford A&E.
  • 6,000 nurses nationwide have been sacked. (50,000 frontline NHS staff in total)
  • Arriva bus company has taken over Manchester ambulances, despite being worse on both quality and safety than the NHS provider.

Some of the things we get up to:

  • Collaboration with Sankeys and Pangaea to help get the message out
  • Media stunts
  • Running a weekly campaign stall doing flyering and petitioning
  • Lobbying local MPs
  • Charity fundraising e.g. Running the Manchester 10k to raise money for the Roy Castle lung cancer foundation.
  • We campaign publicly against the privatisation and cuts to NHS services, demonstrated in our heavy involvement in Manchester's National NHS march 2013.


Our current campaigns

We are campaigning against TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), which is an undemocratic threat to the NHS.

Find out more at
We are also collaborating with Manchester Students' Union Women's campaign against the privatisation of rape crisis centres locally and nationally.

We also have regular socials. Past events have been at the Frog & Bucket comedy club as well as going rock climbing.


Want to get involved? Click here to join the group

The Save Our NHS society meets every Monday at 6pm on the top floor of the Students' Union building in room 3 or 4, and occasionally in the Activities space. Don’t worry if you’re ‘not political’ or don’t feel you know much about the issues.