Student Voice and Communities Awards 

Tuesday 10 May
Manchester Academy

Performances by Dan Fenton and UoM Dance Society


Teaching Awards

Best Support Staff Member

Rachel Mutters

Best Personal/Academic Advisor

Claire Harnett

Champion for Students with Disabilities

Hannah Cobb

Equality and Diversity Champion

Poppy Weatherspoon

Best Supervision (UG)

Ian Burney

Best PGT Supervision

Keith White

Best PGR Supervision

Sheena Cruikshank

Fantastic Feedback

Michelle Keown

Best Postgraduate that Teaches

Subhasish Dey

Funniest Lecturer

Eva Adeseck

Most Inspiring Lecturer

Liz Richardson

Best Online Learning Experience

Prof. Huw Morgan

Best Lecturer in Engineering and Physical Sciences

Iain Dupere

Best Lecturer in Humanities

Julian Jones

Best Lecturer in Life Sciences

Simone Turchetti

Best Lecturer in Medical and Human Sciences

Sarah Collins



Representation & Campaigning

Best New Campaign Group

Recognise Refugee Rights

Most Engaging Campaign

Reclaim the Night

Most Innovative Campaign

Sexpression’s Sex Week

Biggest Social Impact

UoM Living Wage Campaign

Campaign of the Year

Preventing Prevent

Campaigner of the Year

Deej Lashley-Johnson



Student Reps

Abdulla Dar
Aik Ting
Alicia Pawluk
Amber Zaheer
Anjolaoluwa Babalola
Antonia Cheng
Aoife Cullen
Elizabeth Samuel-Bryan
Desmond Ser
Donald McColl
Harsha Madnani
Hendrick Hendrick
Hongtao Qin
Imhotep Baptiste
Isra Akhter
Jacqueline Gisin
Jenni Smyth
Joyce Cheng
Michael Hajiroussos
Mirjana Gavrilović Nilsson

Miu Koo
Muhammad Soban
Nikita Vadhera
Purusothmn Sbhaskernair
Rameez Mussa
Raul Popescu
Reem Elamin
Robert Young
Rosalind Wolfe
Safiya Saeed
Samuel Peckett
Shu Ooi
Shu Tsia
Snehalatha Padavala
Suzanne Taylor
Thomas Proctor
William Oates
Xin Cheng
Yashaswini Agarwa



Volunteering Awards

Project Leader of the Year

Ashley Shield

Volunteer Project of the Year

The Closet

Outstanding Contribution to Access All Areas

Ben Ryan

Outstanding Contribution to Student Action

Sarah Brown

Volunteer of the Year

Jodie Connor




Election Awards

Best Elections Turnout Halls

Hulme Hall

Best Elections Turnout Schools

School of Social Sciences

Special Contribution to the Union

Ilyas Nagdee
Jack Lofthouse
Riddi Visu
Ranolph McStudentman




RA and JCR Awards

Senior Student Award

Yashaswini Agarwal

President's Prize

Weston Hall

Charity Cup

Oak House RA

RA and JCR Leaderboard

Whitworth Park & Denmark Road RA

Community Cup

Ashburne & Sheavyn Community Spring Fun Day

Best Elections RA/JCR Voter Turnout

St. Anselm Hall

Committee Member of the Year

Memona Shahid

Committee of the Year




RAG Awards

Challenge Participant of the Year

Rhiannon Hobbs

Charity Partner of the Year

Breast Cancer Now

Fundraiser of the Year

Penelope Naylor

Raider of the Year

Eve Hartley

Outstanding contribution to RAG

Megan Robertson




All shortisted nomintees can be found here: