Working on Reps Routes


1. All student representatives, where possible should be elected using a fair and accessible method. This achieves ‘buy-in’ from their student cohort, raises awareness of the role of student representatives and is in accordance with the University Principles and Guidance of Student Representation

We have devised a guide for Student Rep Coordinators to follow with examples of how they can elect their student. This year, we have elected a number of Reps using our online system Mi-Voice and are hoping that more students will be elected this way.

2. To improve and to strengthen the ‘Student Reps: Creating Real Change’ brand through changes to the copy on the leaflets/posters and increase student rep hoodie orders.

We have updated our posters and flyers. We have increased the number of Student Rep Hoodies and you can win these as prizes in our Student Rep Socials

3. Provide a ‘Suggest a Student’ function to support an increase in students volunteering to stand as a student rep so that more democratic elections for representatives can take place.

We've added a permenant 'Suggest a Student' page to the Rep site. Students can suggest coursemates that they think would make a good Rep.

4. Provide a ‘Search for your Rep’ function on the Students’ Union website and through Blackboard/MyManchester.

We've created a 'Find Your Rep' search function here


1. Provide a toolkit for Student Rep which would be available on the website for how issues are raised and decisions made through the Students’ Union.

2. Develop detailed guidance notes for all new Student Rep Coordinators in Schools to support their role in engaging with and listening to Student Reps.

We've created a guide for all Student Rep Coordinators here and have arranged meetings with all new coordinators.

3. Continue to collate and analyse SSLC minutes from all Schools so advice on particular school related issues can be sought from the Students’ Union. This would improve continuity between representatives and develop awareness of issues which could benefit from support for Faculty Officers/Exec members.

We have continued to collate SSLC minutes from all schools. We will release the key themes and issues from Schools later this summer and ensure that the new Faculty Officers recieve them

4. Encourage staff members and existing Student Reps to co-deliver Student Rep training across all Schools in academic year 2015/16 to enable new Student Reps to develop connections within the community of reps in their School and to share local examples of best practise.

We ensured that there was a member of staff in every School training this year. Student Reps can state their interest in helping delivering training here.


1. Support Student Reps to develop the skills they might need to create real change on their course. This would be through developing an extended programme of training across the year to enhance their ability to engage with their cohort as well as skills in lobbying and negotiating for change. 

We developed a programme of specialist training for our Student Reps called Reps Skills 4 Change. This programme has been expanded and will continue as part of Pick and Mix in 2016/2017.

2. Improve links between the Education Officer, Faculty Officers and Student Reps so that issues and successes are shared at all levels of representation within the Students’ Union structures including which meetings that they attend. This would aid communication and the creation of impact.

3. Allocate a section of the Student Rep Newsletter to sharing the impact that Student Reps have.

4. Work with the Mancunion and other forms of student media to profile the work and role of a student rep and to celebrate the impact they have across the university in giving their cohorts a voice within university decision making.

5. Encourage more schools to publicise actions/minutes from SSLCs to all students: this helps promote reps role as other students can see what they are helping to achieve.

1. Develop Faculty wide socials in Semester 1 (following first SSLCs) to bring student reps from all levels together.

2. Work with students to set up a ‘Student Rep Society’ for the creation and planning of social events and further training.

Student Rep Society formed in Semester 2 and has held two successful socials

3. Allow Student Reps to bid for small amounts of funding to develop activities that their fellow student reps could be involved with.

4. Develop a clearer identity for monthly-drop in socials for Student Reps to socialise and support each other. This would be aimed at improving the experiences of Student Reps who are on smaller courses and operate on
their own.

5. Continue to build on the success of bringing Student Reps together through Reps Routes 2