NUS Committee

What does the NUS Committee do?

  • Responsible for overseeing relationship between the Students' Union and the National Union of Students (NUS)
  • Coordinates arrangements for NUS conferences
  • Oversees policy submission and ensures this is done in accordance with the policies of the Students' Union

Who sits on the NUS Committee?

  1. General Secretary 
  2. National Conference Delegates (10)
  3. Black Students' Conference Delegate (1)
  4. Disabled Students' Conference Delegate (1)
  5. LGBT+ Conference Delegates (9)
  6. Women's Conference Delegates (4)
  7. International Students' Conference Delegate (1)
  8. Postgraduate Students' Conference Delegate (1)
  9. Mature and Part-time Students' Conference Delegate (1)

The election to fill the NUS Conference Delegate places will be held over the following dates:

Standing opens: Tuesday 1st November @ 12noon

Standing closes: Friday 11th November @ 5pm

Voting opens: Monday 21st November @ 12noon

Voting closes: Thursday 24th November @ 5pm

When will the NUS Committee meet?

Please note - these dates are provisional and will be confirmed by email once you are elected.