Living Wage

UoM Living Wage is a student led group who campaign for the implementation of the Living Wage on campus and across Greater Manchester. We believe that a living wage is not a politically divisive or partisan issue – it is a moral one. Greater Manchester has a long history as a workers’ city – we campaign to help write its future as a living wage city.

We campaign for private businesses, public service providers, civic institutions and any other wage-paying organisation to make a publically accountable commitment to pay all staff who regularly work on their premises (including sub-contracted employees), the living wage. We ask them to make this commitment by becoming accredited by the Living Wage Foundation. 

In October 2014 we successfuly passed policy for the Students' Union to work towards becoming Living Wage accredited.

Currently, we are campaigning for the University of Manchester to honour their commitment to social responsibility, and make a lasting commitment to pay the living wage by becoming accredited by the Living Wage Foundation. Sign the petition here!

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