When Will You Ask?


When Will You Ask? Let’s start talking about emotional wellbeing


This campaign aims to destigmatize mental illness and get people talking about emotional wellbeing - because just talking can make all the difference.


Life isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. We’ve all experienced days when we’ve felt down, anxious or stressed. It happens to all of us. When we do feel down, sometimes the easiest way to feel better is just by talking.

Simply chatting with a friend can make a huge difference. Yet we aren’t talking enough and every day lots of students go through the day feeling down, without being asked how they are and feeling unable to talk to their friends. At “When will you ask?” we want to get people talking about how they are feeling and checking their friend are alright, because the more we talk about our emotional wellbeing, the sooner we’ll realise that we all share these feelings.

That’s why we’re getting people to share their experiences. As soon as people realise it’s okay to say they aren’t okay, the sooner they can start to feel better. 

Check out the video from our balloon launch!

When Will You Ask?

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The When Will You Ask? Campaign works in partnership with Storm Skills Training and Greater Manchester Nightline. More information about our partners can be found at: