A Student Complaints Procedure is available to you if you are not satisfied with your experience at the University. Complaints can be resolved either formally or informally.

You should always aim to resolve the complaint informally with those that you are aggrieved with firstly; however the University understands under some circumstances that the informal route is not always possible.

What can we do?

There are several ways our Advisors can support you through this process. A Student Advisor can:

1.   Explain the full process to you and guide you through the stages.

2.   Help put together a complaint.

3.   To provide ongoing advice with each stage of your complaint. 

4.   Accompany you to any meetings to provide support and representation.

5.   Help to collate appropriate evidence to support your case.

More details of the complaints process can be found in our Complaints Booklet.

You can also find a complaints form and further details on the full procedure on MyManchester.

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