Conduct and Discipline

The University has a process in place for when it is perceived that students may have breached the student code of conduct.

Trained investigators will consider all allegations and investiage whether a breach has actually taken place. A student may be asked to attend a hearing at the University to determine whether or not the Conduct and Discipline Regulations have been breached. 

If, after investigation, it is found that a student has breached the University Code of Conduct there are a range of sanctions that can be applied by the Senate - some of which are very severe.

What can we do?

If you are facing disciplinary action, or wish to make an allegation about someone else, our Advisors can help you through the process.  A student advisor can:

1.     Explain the regulations and guide you through the process

2.     Assist you in putting together a statement

3.     Advise on what additional evidence you can provide

4.     Attend any hearings that you are asked to attend.

If you are facing allegations that might lead to disciplinary action we strongly recommend that you contact us immediately and arrange to take an Advisor with you to meetings.

You can find the regulations here.

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