Course Worries

The jump from A-Levels to Degree is quite a change and you may feel like you are struggling to adjust.  This is normal, so don’t panic. The Alan Gilbert Learning Commons run some useful sessions on how to study effectively, giving presentations, study skills and much more.

If you still feel like you are struggling then go and speak to your tutor or your academic advisor. They are there to help you get your degree and are only too happy to help you if you are struggling to adjust.

If you feel like you’re on the wrong course, the best thing that you can do is give it a bit more time.  Do you really dislike the course, or are you not putting in the time to get the most out of it? Don't forget that the course content will be different next term and there may be different tutors, so it’s often worth hanging on to see if things change.

Changing course isn't particularly easy, as most courses are already full and have already started. Changing course also means that you might have to start again next year.  If you really feel that your course isn't right for you, speak to one of our Advisors who can help you with this process and can discuss the possible financial implications of a course change.

We can also advise you on course interruptions or withdrawals.

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