Fitness to Practice and Health & Conduct

The Fitness to Practise procedure applies to students studying on a professional course and is monitored throughout a students’ period of study.

The University must ‘sign off’ students at the end of their programme deeming them Fit to Practice in the profession that they are joining, therefore they must feel confident that the individual is able to uphold the standards of their chosen profession. Fitness to Practice procedures can be initiated if a students’ conduct or health is called into question. 

If the University has any concerns, they will investigate these via the appropriate staff and health and conduct committee. If the conduct or health concern is of a very serious nature, the procedure may be progressed to a Committee on Fitness to Practice. Students’ may be suspended whilst an investigation into allegations take place.

What can we do?

If you are facing Fitness to Practice/ Health and Conduct proceedings, our Advisors can help you through the process in the following ways:

1.     Advise you on the Health and Conduct/Fitness to Practice procedure

2.     Assist in putting statements together

3.     Assist you in gathering evidence

4.     We can accompany you to any meetings that take place.

If you are facing allegations that might lead to Fitness to Practice proceedings we strongly recommend that you take an Advisor with you to meetings.

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