Activities & Development Officer

I'm Lizzy

In my my first year of University I didn't get involved with anything to do with the Students Union, and felt like I was missing out on something, but didn't know exactly what it was. As soon as second year came around I walked into the SU, signed up to as many societies as I could, and haven't looked back since! The SU has given me so much, and I want to give back to students what I have received over the years.

My Wisdom

Get Busy!

Why SU?

The infinite range of activities, events, societies, people to meet, and opportunities to jump at is the best thing about the SU, and the best thing about University! The second best thing is the amazing community that you can be part of.

My Priorities

Help to improve student engagement

Make Pangaea great again!

Make all events and activities accessible to everyone

Make all events and activities as sustainable as possible

My Manifesto

Create an efficient platform for societies to advertise events and increase membership

Increase the number of places outside of the University to shelve the Mancunion

Provide better accessibility to all student events and activities

Promote more student talent / Improve sustainability in the SU and around University

Set up a zero-waste shop in the SU

Set up a Community Fridge in the SU

Make the SU more affordable by bringing in more deals on food and drinks