I want to focus on improving student experience, making university more affordable and ensuring that the University continues to increase its student focus. Most importantly I want to maximise student involvement in the Union. You are the people that make the Union what it is, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and get involved. 






My key piece of advice would be to get involved. What you put into University you will get out. The same is true of the Union. I left it a bit late and missed out on some fantastic opportunities. With probably the broadest selection of societies, events and campaigns of any Students’ Union in the UK, there really is something for everyone so make the most of it.



There are many great things about the Union. It’s a joy to be part of an organisation with such a diverse array of activities and great energy. It is also a place where students can have their voice amplified and really make a positive difference to their lives. The success of the recent NSS boycott to help prevent tuition fee rises is one example of the great work that students can do.


  Meet weekly with students
  Reduce the cost of Food On Campus
  Increase bursaries for Masters students
  Create a pass accepted by First and Stagecoach
  Consult students in the re-design of the Students' Union building
  Develop strong relations with the new Mayor of Manchester
  Improve the Student Experience for everyone at the University of Manchester
  Implement a plan to ensure students at North Campus are included in campaigns and events


  Directing the Union’s representative work
  Supporting the activities of the Executive Committee
  Chairing the Union Trustee Board
  Chairing the sub Committees of the Trustee Board
  Acting as the primary liaison between the University and the Union
  Attending NUS National Conference (and default delegate to other committees and conferences in the absence of an officer with the relevant portfolio)
  Having lead responsibility for long term strategic issues affecting the organisation
  Ensuring the dissemination of information regarding all aspects of Union activities to all of our students