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Thursday 14-01-2021 - 12:08

Over the past few days, we have received several questions on why we have fewer libraries open and the reduction in capacity. Understandably, students are concerned about not having study spaces to prepare for exam. A national lockdown couldn’t have come at a worse time seeing that we are heading into exam period over the next couple of weeks. However, I believe we all understand that at this stage, our health and that of those around us is paramount. The library team has recently issued a statement on its response to the lockdown and its model of operation during this time. It mentions why it is operating on an essential use basis and the services that are still available for use at this stage. 

We kindly ask that students consider carefully before they book spaces during these times. There are a lot of times where spaces have been booked but there was no show. If for some reason you book a space and realize you won’t be able to use it, kindly cancel your booking to make space for another student waiting in line. 

Just as a reminder, study spaces in our various halls of residence are open but only to hall residents. As a suggestion, if students living on campus can check for such available spaces before booking spaces in the library, that will allow our students who live outside campus and do not have adequate study spaces at home to use our library spaces. 

Let me also use this opportunity to remind students who use the library to respectfully comply to the COVID guidelines. Failure to wear your masks and to adhere to social distancing not only puts you at risk but the library staff who are just as anxious about their health. There have been reports of some undelightful behavior of some students towards library staff which is really not helpful when we are all trying to protect one another. 

Finally, as an SU, we will continue to advocate for you to make sure that where safety measures allow us, we can increase the number of study spaces for our students to use. If you have any further questions concerning the library and study spaces, you can send me an email [email protected]

Nana Fredua Agyeman
SU Postgraduate Officer

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