Official Close of Elections // Welcoming Your New Exec Team

Friday 17-05-2019 - 09:42

At the final Student Senate of the year the General Secretary of the Students’ Union read out a statement from the independent Returning Officer which brought an official end to a complex, challenging and thought provoking Executive Officer elections.

The Returning Officer’s statement was as follows:

“In the absence of any evidence or material not considered at the time of the elections I cannot see how a request to annul and rerun the elections can be entertained. If you need to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact me.”

As the Returning Officer has declared the elections fair and free we are happy to announce that our eight elected Officers will be officially starting their term in office with us on June 10th.

The elected Executive Officers for 2019 / 2020 are as follows:

Activities & Development Officer – Lizzy Haughton

Education Officer – Chloe Salins


General Secretary – Kwame Karteng


International Students Officer – Jake Garrett


Liberation and Access officer - Sara Khan

Postgraduate Officer - Rana Phool

Welfare and Community Officer – Adam Haigh


Women’s Officer – Ayla Huseyinoglu


The Executive Officer elections this year brought up valid questions as to whether our democratic processes match up with how students in 2019 are sharing information and making decisions. Our aim is for democratic decisions to be fully accessible to all students, and for the decisions made to be transparent and open to debate. Therefore we will be conducting a full and independent review of our democratic processes and procedures to ensure we meet this goal in the future.

We are excited to start work with our newly elected Officers to help make their political priorities a reality. Our elected Officers are the heart of our Students’ Union and what makes us unique as a force for authentic, positive change in the student community of Manchester. As a member of your SU the Officers are your direct link to shaping this organisation to be what you want it be. We would encourage all students at the University of Manchester to use your elected representatives for what they are in office for – making your time at the University of Manchester the best it possibly can be!


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