Statement from the Students' Union 04.03.2015

Wednesday 04-03-2015 - 09:34
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The Students' Union has since 2007 had a policy supporting the Right to Education in Palestine. Part of the policy asked us to display a statement of our support in the Students' Union foyer. 

We have received many enquiries relating to the recent removal of the statement supporting Palestine's Right to Education. We would firstly like to make clear that the statement has not been removed; it has been temporarily moved and is currently on the pillar next to its previous placement. 

We have been slow to communicate the reasoning behind this change and this has been due to restrictions following legal enquiries, however we would now like to make clear why this has happened. 

We received a legal challenge on the legitimacy of the statement; as to whether our position is accommodated for within our charitable objectives. After seeking legal advice, whilst receiving assurance that we can have this political stance, the method in which it has been displayed required addressing. 

Following a decision by the Executive Committee we will now display all of our policies on a digital screen which will rotate through them respectively.  This will be in conjunction with information explaining how to get involved in our democratic forums to hopefully heighten involvement and demonstrate more visibly what we stand for as a Students' Union, as voted on by our membership. 

We are sorry that this has not been communicated earlier - as stated, due to legal advice being sought we were constrained in our ability to explain the processes. 

Students should however rest assured that the Right to Education policy will be displayed in the Union, alongside all of our political stances.

The Executive Committee

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