Statement of Solidarity with Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action

Monday 18-03-2019 - 14:02

Students at Goldsmiths University of London, as part of Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action, have been in occupation for almost a week now (since Tuesday 12th March 2019). The building they have occupied is Deptford Town Hall - a University management building that glorifies symbols of slavery - and they have since been trapped into the building, with fire exits padlocked. These students, the majority of whom are students of colour and some of whom are disabled, have been physically harassed by security, and have had Wi-Fi, hot water, and food, amongst other things, cut off; they are subsisting purely on what they brought into the building with them, and public donations that have been grappled in through balcony windows. Notably, when white students occupied Deptford Town Hall in 2015, SMT (the Senior Management Team of the University) allowed students to enter and exit the building safely, as they pleased.

The University of Manchester Students’ Union recognises Goldsmiths’ treatment of the occupiers as racist and ableist, as a fundamental denial of their civil liberties, and as a legal violation of the University’s duty of care towards students. The University’s actions have only proven the need for such an occupation, and we stand in full solidarity of our siblings in occupation. We support their call for Goldsmiths to:

  1. Allow students to enter and exit the occupation safely and freely.
  2. Clear all routes to fire exits in compliance with the law.
  3. Ensure that students do not face any legal or disciplinary action for involvement in the occupation, which is within their right to civil disobedience.
  4. Make tangible and earnest efforts to meet with the demands of Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action.

We urge you to sign this petition and to spread the word:

Goldsmiths University AntiRacist Action for Hamna »

Follow the occupiers as they LiveTweet developments:


#MyRacistCampus #GoldOccupy

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