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Wednesday 13-01-2016 - 16:03
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Nothing was ever achieved on an empty stomach, right? 

As we’re approaching exam season, this got us thinking. 

Where on campus can we get a good hearty breakfast to set us up properly for the day ahead?

Okay, okay. So Biko’s Café does breakfast sandwiches. And mighty fine breakfast sandwiches at that.

But what about something for the big days? The 9 till 9 library days. The ‘presentation is in tomorrow and my group has gone AWOL’ days. The ‘had two hours sleep on a mate’s sofa days’.

Well how about this.

To kick off the new semester, from Monday 18 January we’re opening the Union Bar from 08:00 every weekday.

So let’s start with the traditional.

Sausage, bacon, fried egg, hash browns, mushrooms, grilled tomato, baked beans and toast. £4.50 gets you the lot.

Big on bacon? Mad about mushrooms? Let’s take things up a notch and double up on any of the above for just fifty pence.

Vegetarian option?

Swap your sausage and bacon for a couple of Quorn sausages and Bob’s your uncle.

Keep going? Okay, let’s talk toast. Beans, eggs or mushrooms?

Choose one for £2, two for £2.50 and £3 to go the whole hog. Ask us nicely and we’ll even poach the eggs for you.

Now let’s really turns things on their head. We’re talking waffles, pancakes; the American dream.

Top them with maple syrup for £3 (pancakes only), or stack them high with either maple syrup, peanut and banana (£4 pancakes, £4.50 waffles) or blueberries, banana and Greek yoghurt (£4 pancakes, £4.50 waffles).

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a mug of the finest Fairtrade beans and pull up a pew. 

Let’s take on the day together.


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