Update On Rent Support Packages From Private Accomodation Providers

Thursday 21-01-2021 - 16:09

As you are aware, we have sent letters to private landlords to advocate for accommodation support for our students. Below are the responses received from private landlords providing accommodation support for our students:

If you are a student struggling with rent payment other financial hardship, please you can apply for the hardship fund to support your financial needs. Share this report to your friends in hardship to immediately apply for the fund through this link: https://bit.ly/3brT2wx. Below is the guidance document if you require assistance on a step-by-step support to completing the application process https://bit.ly/3nvoote.

Location Provider Response Description

Bridgewater Heights
Mill Point
Kincardine Court
New Medlock House
Parkway Gate
Piccaddily Point
Sir Charles Groves Hall

Unite 50% discount for 4 weeks from Mon 18th January

This discount will apply to any of your students staying with us on a direct let basis, but not to those under our nominations third party agreement as we fully recognise this is not our decision to make. You are no doubt considering your own approach and we would welcome any further information about your own decisions that may affect these students.

  • Eligible students will receive a 50% discount on rent for a total of 4 weeks, beginning on Monday 18th January.
  • Applications for the rebate must be received by 14 February, and the discount will be credited to student accounts in March.
  • This offer is open to students who are not in residence in their Unite Students property between 18 January and 14 February, and they must have paid their account in full (to January 31); students who cancel their contract during the 4-week period will not be eligible.
  • Any student who is currently struggling to keep up with rent payments is being urged to contact Unite Students, as well as their university’s student services team, for support. Additionally, eligible students whose tenancy ends before 1st August will be offered a free complimentary 4-week extension to the end of their tenancy. We recognise that the national situation has rapidly changed, and that you may still be deciding how to best proceed with teaching and extra-curricular opportunities for the rest of the academic year. We hope that by supporting students to live in their university city for an extra month over the summer period, it offers you additional flexibility in planning for this. I would be happy to discuss how we could work together so that you and your students can benefit from our properties and services during this 4-week period.

Daisybank Villas
Heald Court
Manchester Court
Manchester House
Oxney House & Gardens
Park View

Homes For Students Tenants are required to send an email to [email protected] along with their name, property and flat/ room number. All queries are being dealt centrally by Head Office team. https://wearehomesforstudents.com/covid-19-updates

Manchester Student
MSV South
The Grafton
Weston Court

Dwell Student We are unable to cancel any contract after its start date unless a replacement tenant is found (and clause 9.3 in your contract is met) as detailed above. You’d be liable for the room’s rent up to the date that the new tenant’s contract starts. All cancellation requests should be submitted to your site team using our cancellation request form, which you can request from your site team. https://www.dwellstudent.co.uk/en/cancellation-policy/

Ladybarn House
The Chapel

Hello Student Standard cancellation policy applies https://www.hellostudent.co.uk/how-it-works/booking-cancellation-policy

Chancellors Court
Mayfair Court

Mezzino Ltd Standard cancellation policy https://www.mezzino.com/faqs/
Q3 Student Facility Management Standard Cancellation Policy Applies  
Methodist Int'l Hse Methodist Int'l Hse Negotiated case by case  
Hartly Hall Hartley Hall of Residence Will access on case by case if tenants ask  
The Old Church The Old Church Case by case  
Langdale Hall Njoy Student Living A utility rebate - student confirms they are not present and when return and then calculate - gas, electric, water and internet. Quite flexible. Just during national lockdown. If tier system in place, then will review.
River Street Tower Downing Students Additional Staff on site to assist in preventing Covid-19 spread https://www.downingstudents.com/terms-and-conditions/
Coniston Hall Coniston Hall A few have not returned and are hoping to be back in February. We were thinking in those cases to offer a small reduction of 3 weeks but not more because others have already paid. Considering but not in the financial position


Sanctuary Students This is due to be reviewed for next week  

Written by Junior Usina, Welfare & Community Officer and Kwame Asamoah Kwarteng, General Secretary

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