Warning Over Unofficial Freshers Events

Tuesday 17-09-2019 - 14:57

University of Manchester Students’ Union says ‘Read the small print’

Students are being warned not to buy tickets for unofficial freshers’ events, which may carry safety concerns and could leave students out of pocket.

Welcome Week is in full swing and news students are enjoying the celebrations to mark the start of the new academic year. However, students are being urged to consider the risks of signing up to unofficial gatherings and instead opt for the eagerly-anticipated official Welcome Week events.

A number of unofficial freshers’ groups, which are not affiliated to the University of Manchester or its Students' Union, are active on social media. Such groups often promote unofficial events, using panic wording to suggest that tickets may soon sell out and make students feel that they may miss out unless they buy now.

The Students’ Union cannot guarantee that these unofficial events are just for students, nor can it look out for students’ safety or prevent students from losing money on tickets for events which may be bogus or cancelled at the last minute.

Students are being warned to read the small print of any events promoted as freshers-focused parties. Web pages advertising all official university events are marked 'official' and will show the university branding and logos consistently.

Trained security and medical staff are present at all official Welcome Week events, supported by Student Angels volunteers to ensure everyone’s wellbeing. The official Welcome Week events also offer value for money, with free transport to Deansgate Locks, UV paint for Glow Up! Night and world-class artists for the Labyrinth Festival.

All of the official Welcome Week events are detailed on the Students’ Union’s Welcome Week page.

A statement from the University of Manchester Students’ Union said: “Manchester is a truly world-class student city and we’re planning a warm, exciting welcome again this year. But it’s also worth being mindful of the few who might want to take advantage of newcomers at this busy time of year.

 "The Students’ Union is here to answer any questions about our Welcome Week activities - if in doubt, contact us on social media or visit us on Oxford Road. We are here to support all of our students, from their first day here to their last."

Welcome Week offers students four unmissable nights at 10 venues across the city.The Students' Union is also using Welcome Week to reiterate general safety advice for students:

  • Know your limits. Try to avoid drinking to excess, causing you to black out or become unaware of your surroundings
  • Make sure your phone is charged, so that if you get separated from friends you can contact them
  • Choose a meeting point to congregate at if someone gets lost
  • Stay hydrated, especially if you are drinking a lot. Water will make you feel less sick and help you feel better in the morning
  • Never get in unmarked taxis. Always use a trusted method of transport to get home
  • Don’t walk home alone, especially late at night or in the early hours of the morning. Have a friend with you
  • Apps like Find My Friends can be very useful on a night out, so you can see your friends’ location
  • Students can get a free personal alarm from the students’ union Advice Service. If you carry a personal alarm, keep it somewhere accessible for quick access in an emergency
  • It is a good idea to have student home contents insurance cover. There are lots of options out there, including Endsleigh, which offers a student-specific service and is recommended by the NUS.

The Students’ Union’s advice service is running a welcome drop in service where students can be seen on the same day, every week day between Monday 16th and Friday 27th September from 10am to 4pm.


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