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Thursday 18-03-2021 - 13:03

The world of work can be hard to navigate, from long application processes to online interviews, securing your job can be a lot of work. Read our top tips for advice on how you can feel empowered by making the most of your CV and linked in.

Struggling to write the perfect CV? Look no further! Here are our top three tips on how you can elevate your CV and get the responses you deserve.

Tailor your CV: Mirror the language in the job advertisement and condense your experience to include your most relevant skills for the job. Being concise is key! Employers typically don’t spend long looking at each CV, therefore you’ll want to make sure that your only including relevant and impactful language.

Include power words: Cliches terms can make your CV generic and ineffective. For example, swap your ‘team-player skills for action verbs such as ‘collaborated’. This way, you’re combining your skills to experience gained in a position.
Focus on achievements: Rather than focusing on your responsibilities within a certain role, include specific achievements gained in each role. For example, swap ‘gained communication skills’ with ‘effectively communicated with my team to overcome problem x.’ This will highlight your proficiency, enthusiasm and passion for the job!  

Feeling lost on linked-in? As a social networking website, there are many ways for you to make the most of linked in, from your personal profile to your network to industry related groups. Here are our top tips on how you can feel empowered on linked in.

Getting Noticed: First impressions count, and on linked in your photo and headline are the two key components of getting noticed. Use a professional photo of yourself and keep your headline short and simple. The headline should include keywords, and as a student it is a good way to include your career aspirations. For example, include, ‘aspiring social researcher,’ rather than ‘student.’

Skills and Endorsements: Did you know that including 5 or more skills on your profile can result in up to x15 more views? Your list of skills show’s employers what you are qualified to do, connecting you with potential recruiters. You can order your skills so that the most relevant to your career appear first.  

Be Proactive: Joining groups on linked in is a great way to collaborate with and research various career avenues. Not only will your feed include industry-related posts, but you will be able to research and connect with individuals who share your passion. Get noticed by commenting on relevant posts!

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