Community, Campaigns and Citizenship Officer

I'm Shamima

Looking back, one of my biggest regrets at university is failing to grasp opportunities beyond my degree in first year. The experiences I’ve had during my second and final years has really helped me develop as a person and has positively shaped my life. I’m excited to work towards further strengthening the bridge between students and the Manchester community, as well as facilitating and supporting your campaigns!

My Wisdom

It’s obvious majority of the degrees at university don’t equip you with life skills! This can only be achieved through putting yourself out there and actively participating in campaigns, projects and events beyond the lecture theatre. By engaging with the SU, you have the opportunity to network with others, take on challenges, learn more about yourself and so much more that will benefit your journey post-university.

Why SU?

The Union has a history of pushing for change and lobbying the university on the academic side for the benefit of students. The SU oversees student reps and faculty officers - these are some of the most effective ways of seeing change happen within the university.

My Priorities

To collaborate with local organisations to raise awareness and inspire student action to work towards long term homelessness prevention strategies

To work with the Council, Mayors office and police to tackle increasing crime rates against students in Manchester

Continue working with Manchester Student Homes, accommodation office, ACORN and other housing unions to tackle issues surrounding housing and landlords

Empower students to defend their rights including cuts within the education sector

Support and grow our campaigns

My Manifesto

Facilitate the Union’s work on issues surrounding citizenship

Encouraging students to lead on campaigns and support the development of existing campaigning groups and societies

Direct the Union’s work on matters surrounding student accommodation and safety

Increase bursaries for living at home students