The Students' Union works under a set of rules we refer to as the Constitution. This is made up of several documents which govern various areas.

Core Constitution

The Core Constitution are the over-riding documents that set out the Students' Union's existence and objectives. These are high-level documents that are not easy to change, and are required by law.

Name Description Who can amend/change it?
Articles of Association This is the legal document that creates the Students' Union as a Company Limited by Guarantee, in accordance with Section 18 of the Companies Act 2006. It describes the role of the Trustee Board, their powers and how they can make decisions. A Company Law Meeting with a 75% majority vote
Code of Practice on the Students' Union This document sets out various rules as to how the Students' Union must comply with the requirements of Section 22 of the Education Act 1994. It covers various aspects of the Students' Union, such as the right to free and fair elections, and how students may make complaints about the Students' Union. The University of Manchester


The Bye-Laws are documents that supplement the Core Constitution by setting out rules and regulations for various areas of the Students' Union's activities in more detail. Bye-Laws can only be changed with the consent of the Senate and the Trustee Board.

Name Description
Affiliations Sets out the procedure for how the Students' Union becomes or ceases to be affiliated to any external organisation.
Annual Members Meeting Describes the procedures and powers of the Annual Members Meeting.
Complaints Sets out the Students' Union complaints procedure
Elections Sets the procedure for all cross-campus elections.
Membership Sets out the rules relating to membership of the Students' Union.
NUS Sets out the rules governing the Union's link with the National Union of Students.
Officers of the Union Sets out the roles of the Union's Officer, their duties and responsibilities, including Scrutiny procedures.
Policy Describes how the Students' Union policy is set and implemented.
Referendums Sets the procedure for All Student Votes.
Senate Sets out the rules and procedures of the Student Senate.
Senate Committees Sets out the composition and rules of the Senate's Committees.
Societies Sets out the rules affecting Societies.
Student Media Sets out the rules affecting Student Media.
Trustee Appeals Describes the process for hearing an appeal of a Trustee against their removal by the Board.
Trustee Board Committees Describes the role, composition and procedure of Trustee Board Committees.

Supplementary documents

Some of the Bye-Laws provide that extra rules may be created to go into even more detail than what is already in the Bye-Laws. These documents have the same validity as the Bye-Law themselves.


Name Description Who can amend/change it?
Code of Conduct This document sets out binding rules on how students must behave. It also sets out the procedures for investigating and acting upon complaints. Trustee Board

Elections and Referenda

Name Description Who can amend/change it?
Elections Complaints Procedure Describes the specific procedure for making complaints about elections. Deputy Returning Officer
Candidate Regulations Sets out the guidelines on acceptable conduct for candidates. (Student Officer Elections 2014 version) Returning Officer
Election Appeals Procedure Governs the conduct of appeals made against the Returning Officer. Trustee Board


All Society documents can be amended or changed by the Activities and Development Officer.

Name Description
Guidelines on registering a Society This sets out the rules for applying to create a new society or renew a registration of an existing society.
Society Model Constitution This is the default Constitution for any Society. It applies to all Societies unless they create a bespoke Constitution that either supersedes or expressly revokes it.
Guidelines on Society membership Sets out the rules for applying to become a member of a Society.
Guidelines on member and officer registers Sets out the rules for keeping the register of members and officers.
Guidelines on removing a member of a Society Sets out the rules for applying to remove a person from being a member of a Society.
Society Election Regulations Governs the conduct of all elections of Officers of a Society.
Society Financial Regulations This document sets out how Societies may access their funds held by the Students' Union. It also specifies how Treasurers must keep accounts.
Guidelines on Society Grants Sets out how Societies may apply for grant funds from the Students' Union.

Student Media

Name Description Who can amend/change it?
Student Media Code of Conduct This document sets out binding rules on how Media Outlets and students involved in Student Media must behave when producing or publishing content. Activities and Development Officer, with the advice of the Media Group Committee
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