I’m a student-parent and study Politics and Sociology having previously worked in social care. I’m a life long campaigner and have spent so much of my time at Uni in meetings, at protests, marching around Oxford Road and Westminster and at various conferences. As well as being an Officer here, I am the NUS’s first ever Parents and Carers Rep. If there is anything that needs campaigned on, or protested against, please get in touch below!






At times campaigning, activism and organizing can seem overwhelming, we get tired, frustrated and come close to burning out.  Always remember that your first priority is self-care, be kind to yourself, work with others, be supportive and considerate and ask for support.  Solidarity is truly forever and the Union really does make us strong. 



The Students' Union has for me always been the heart of my university life. It's the place where I was empowered and inspired to make change, but it was also the place I could relax with my friends and chat over a brew. It’s where I’ll go for a gig and also where I can go for support. I’ve made friends for life, met some of the most inspiring people I could wish to and taught my daughter to paint banners!


  Empower students to take an active role in decision-making, lobbying and policy setting
  Educate students about their rights in education, employment, housing and protest
  Create a strong and sustained anti-racist anti-fascist environment on and around campus to ensure that all students know that racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and all kinds of bigotry will be challenged
  Make the Union and University a more inclusive space taking into account peoples personal circumstances, needs and responsibilities
  Make the Students' Union and the University a greener and less wasteful space
  Root our campaigns in our local community and tied to national campaigns
  Fight to defend our education from cuts



  Get more students campaigning and lead on the Union’s citizenship work
  Direct the organisation and development of campaigning societies
  Facilitate students and societies to campaign2 on the issues they decide to campaign on
  Direct the Union’s work on citizenship and wider societal issues
  Coordinate the priority campaign(s) as decided by the Executive
  Oversee the campaigning work of the Union