Democracy Review

We’re making changes to give you a stronger voice in the Students’ Union.

We want you to feel better represented and able to get involved in more decisions made in your SU. That’s why we’re conducting a Democracy Review, and we want your input to help us understand how we can do better.

Your SU is student-led, with thousands of student leaders making decisions all the time, whether they’re leading societies, voting for how we should tackle major student issues, or representing you at top University meetings. We’re led by a team of student Officers, made up of full-time Executive Officers and volunteer Part-time Officers.

What is the Democracy Review?

The Democracy Review is looking into how you want your Executive and Part-time  Officers to represent you, and how we can give you more power to make decisions affecting your time at the University of Manchester.

We’ll be looking at the structure of the Officer team, ensuring that your full-time and part-time Officers represent you on the right issues and in the right places. We’ll also be looking at decision making in the SU, asking how we can give more students the opportunity to tell us your opinions and vote on the decisions we make.

Get started by taking part in our all-student survey.

Take Survey

After we’ve heard from as many students as possible through our survey, we’ll be working directly with students from across the University to develop ideas for our new Officer team and democracy structure. We’ll then put these ideas back to the whole student body in a referendum next academic year.

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