Your Ideas, Our Policy

Shape what we do, what we debate and what we campaign on.

Our policies are created and decided by students, covering a wide range of areas such as sustainability, equal rights, education and much more. Once an idea passes at Senate or Referenda, it becomes policy for three years.

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Click here to view any new Policy Proposals being discussed at the next Senate.

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Amendments to policy can be agreed by referendum or by Senate, but in either case the proposed policy change has to publish on the Students’ Union website and circulated to members of Council in advance, so that students are given the opportunity to comment and submit alternative proposals.

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After a policy comes to the end of its three year cycle, the Steering Committee are required to review the policies and recommend to the Senate that they should be either renewed without amendment for up to three years, amended or allowed to lapse. This means that the policies are no longer active.

Students can submit an idea to be put forward to the Senate including:

-ways we could improve your University or Union experience, no matter how big or small.

-issues or campaigns or stances you believe the Union should champion.

Got an idea about how your Union could change? Want to improve your University? Or make a positive impact on the local community? Submit yours in the form below.

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