Discounts & Offers

Every week at uni brings its own stresses, issues and challenges. That’s why at your Student Union we want to give you something to look forward to at any point in the week, with regular cheap drinks and big savings on our delightful food menu.

Everyone’s catered for with our range of deals from the widely-adored Two-Pint Tuesdays, that sees students pushing their beer carrying capabilities to the limit with comically oversized cups, to regular deals that can get you any of our mouth-watering burger selection for as little as a fiver. 532 Bar & Kitchen is the place to be throughout the week, whether you’re celebrating an assignment finally dealt with, getting the gang together for a pub quiz or taking that ‘treat yourself’ mindset one step too far.

Keep an eye out on the deals advertised around the Student Union or pop into 532 and find out what we have to offer, the week is packed with good deals for veggies, vegans, cider drinkers or prosecco lovers. Give you and your friends another reason to celebrate midweek and make 532 your on-campus hub for good deals, good food and an even better time.

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