Education Officer

I'm Olivia

I am a joint honours BA Politics and Spanish graduate. I am passionate about education and have taught in multiple countries, and been a student rep and a faculty officer throughout my time at UoM. I hope to improve the tools available for students to have their voices heard within the university in order to secure the changes they want to see happen.

My Wisdom

Speak up if there is something you want to change, get involved, and be active with your education. Don't be afraid to question what is put before you.

Why SU?

The Union has a history of pushing for change and lobbying the university on the academic side for the benefit of students. The SU oversees student reps and faculty officers - these are some of the most effective ways of seeing change happen within the university.

My Priorities

My priorities lie in reforming the student system to make it more accessible for students to raise queries about their academic life and have their voice heard within university.

My Manifesto

Create online records of student rep and faculty officer activity

Build a student rep hub and database to give students greater capacity to push for change on their courses

Offer more possibilities for student voice to be heard at a higher level of university leadership

Lobby the university to support #liberatemydegree

Ensure the university IT system has the capacity to release exam dates earlier


Fighting continued DSA cuts

Working with university staff against staff cuts and unfair pension changes

Calling for a lowered interest rate on student loans and stopping retrospective changes to our contracts