Part Time Officer & NUS Delegate Elections

Part Time Officers (PTO’s) are elected through cross campus elections at the start of the academic year. Each Officer has a specific duty to speak up and represent the Student body they represent. They will also work with Executive Team, play a leading role in running & supporting campaigns and undertake an active role in promoting the Union and its values. Think this could be you? Find out more HERE.

NUS (National Union of Students) delegates are elected to represent Manchester students at the National Conference and a host of other Conferences throughout the academic year. They will elect the NUS leadership and decide NUS policy. If you want to find out more about shaping the future of Higher Education, find out more HERE

Find out more about NUS HERE

Student Officer and NUS Delegate Elections 2018

Standing opens: Monday 24th September @ 12noon

Standing closes: Wednesday 17th October @ 12 noon

Candidate briefing: Wednesday 17th October @ 6 pm

Manifesto deadline: Thursday 18th October @ 12 pm

Voting opens: Friday 19th October @ 12noon

Voting closes: Thursday 25th October @ 5 pm

Results: Friday 26th October @ 12 pm

PTO Trianing Day: Sunday 28th October@12 pm

Exec Team Elections 2019

Standing opens: Monday 7th January @ 12noon

Standing closes: Friday 15th February @ 5pm

Candidate briefing: Friday 15th February @ 5pm

Candidate training: Saturday 16th February @ 12-4pm

Voting opens: Thursday 28th February @ 12noon

Voting closes: Thursday 7th March @ 5pm

Results: Thursday 7th March @ 8pm

RA and JCR Halls of Residence Elections

Standing in any student election is a great thing to do while at University, and standing for a role on your RA/JCR is no exception. It's a great chance to get stuck into Halls life, meet loads of new people while developing all kinds of organisational, event management and communication skills. Find out more HERE.

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