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About Me

Hi, I’m Jas- I’m a Gender, Sexuality and Culture MA Student at UoM, and I’m running for Women’s Officer in the Exec Elections! As a queer, disabled feminist, my manifesto seeks to promote effective intersectional change across the University, supporting all students, especially those often overlooked in Higher Education.


2020/21: UoM Disabled Students Officer

2019/20: UoM Feminist Collective Disability Representative*

2020: Worked with Misogyny is Hate/Citizens for COVID-19 Domestic Violence support

2020: Reclaim the Night Promotional Campaign Member

*(Awarded Political & Campaigning Society of the Year 2020!)

Manifesto points:

Student Safety Initiatives

  • Aim to protect students from harm both on and off-campus
  • Providing regular defence classes
  • Working with security to foster better campus safety
  • Continuing work on ‘night out’ initiatives with local bars

Mental Wellbeing Reform

  • Improving the University’s response to diverse mental health needs
  • Work with counselling service to ensure better accessibility
  • Campaigning for recognition and tackling of the student mental health crisis

Sexual Health Support

  • More readily available safe sex resources for students who need them
  • Improving access to contraception and sexual health testing
  • Lobbying for more policy and academic support for student sex workers and victims of domestic violence and sexual assault
  • Promoting better emotional and sexual wellbeing through working with societies and local charities

Intersectional Housing Initiatives

  • Addressing inequity in student accommodations
  • Highlighting and countering the exploitation and neglect of disabled student renters
  • Supporting the Student Rent Strikers in campaigning for fair accommodation

To find out more, please check out my campaign page: https://www.facebook.com/jastaylorwomens2021/ 

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