Joana Korley

Hello everyone, my name is Joana and I am running for the position of an International Officer because as an international student, I would like to be a voice to our many challenges faced in representation here at the University of Manchester. Being away from home can sometimes be overwhelming but together we can make the University a home from home.

As a student representative, I have had the chance and experience to sit in staff student committee meetings. With majority of my course mates being international students, I have developed the skills of being the voice for most of them at such meetings.


  1. A more accomodating and flexible tuition fees instalment plan. 
  2. Address concerns of international students and making the Union more welcoming. 
  3. Enhance the mentoring scheme so locals can assist international students to ingegrate into the University and city. 
  4. Mental health and wellbeing campaigns. 


  1. I will work together with the Career Services in developing skills and enhancing employability of International students through the new postgraduate study work visa.  
  2. I will engage proactively and collaboratively with the various cultural societies to create a more inclusive and better university experience. This will encourage racial diversity in the Union by holding more societal events and activities. 
  3. I will raise the profile of social inclusion of international students within liberation groups between the Student Union and the University.  
  4. I will advocate for a more diverse staff especially from the BAME, in the Counselling team. This will make Counselling more comfortable to enhance the mental healthand wellbeing of international students. Many students from the BAME find these services uncomfortable due to language barrier and not being able to express themselves fully.  
  5. I will engage more with international students to address their concerns so that we have access to equal opportunities.  
  6. I believe that if I am elected, we can enhance the representation of international students by working together with the various societies in developing effective policy that will greatly transform our student experience.

Thank you for voting. 

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