Julia Gerda Sokk

I'm a MSc Organisational Change and Development student and student representative with 3+ years of experience in communication, journalism, marketing and project management.

I will focus on students' mental health, student life and finances to improve our student experience and ensure we get the most out of our time in the university.

Mental health: 

  • Raise awareness about different mental health support available to students 
  • Continue implementing and improving UMSU Buddy Scheme among PG students 
  • Make online one-on-one counselling options available to all students 
  • Arrange weekly online support groups for students  

Student life: 

  • Ensure and improve the quality of online teaching using feedback from students 
  • Explore practical learning methods besides Zoom meetings and encourage academic professionals to use a variety of teaching methods 
  • Explore face-to-face teaching options for practical degrees (e.g. chemistry, physics and more) 
  • Continue assessment pledge discussions and find ways to improve it further 


  • Continue the student hardship fund and create more options for financially struggling students 
  • Explore refund options for cancelled field trips for all postgraduate degrees 
  • Make student accommodation contracts more flexible to help students in difficult circumstances (e.g. who have paid for their accommodation and cannot travel to the UK)  
  • Ensure students understand where their tuition fees are going and if there is any room for reductions during online studies 

My full manifesto can be found here or visit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ps_eYhkc3R83qZzWZxA8_8BXgD9_DNDd/view?usp=sharing.

Vote me for Postgraduate Officer in the 2021 SU Elections and I will work on all these issues! 

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