Miguel Gonzalez - Valdes Tejero

Hi everyone, I'm Miguel. I am running for the Education Officer position because education is the cornerstone of the student experience. We come to UoM for many reasons, but the main one is to learn.

This year as both a Student representative and e-Learning representative, I have been able to voice student concerns and push for real tangible improvements regarding content delivery and online learning standardisation.

If elected, I would aim to: 

  • Increase accessibility standards for both DASS registered and nonDASS registered students. 
  • Improve online learning and assessments by pushing for standardisation in content delivery and better organisation of materials, and a fairer distribution of exam times so no student is disadvantaged. 
  • Create a way for students to reach their representatives more easily at any point, and increase training resources for the reps so they can be more efficient 
  • Run monthly drop-in sessions for students to voice their concerns. 
  • Improve library spending on a need basis to increase the provision of courses' official and recommended books.  
  • Organise a universitywide Staff Award – for students to vote and showcase the best lecturers to promote excellence in teaching. 
  • Lobby for the increase of technical support for disadvantaged students.  
  • Improve the feedback system for modules, so it is not only provided when the module ends when it is too late to implement changes. 
  • Improve communication of available resources, as in many cases they exist but are hard to access/discover. 

COVID-19 has brought to light the many challenges of online/blended learning. All the objectives above aim to improve the student experience for present and future students.

Thank you for reading my manifesto. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me at any time: [email protected]

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