I’m a German & Spanish graduate and I’m so excited to be your Education Officer again this year! My role involves helping you affect change on your course, but also wider Education issues from Erasmus to rising tuition fees to cuts to staff. I’m hoping to make Education more exciting this year and to make the University take students more seriously when it comes improving the educational experience.






One person can make a massive difference. If you remember that one teacher that inspired you, or that coach who motivated you – that could be YOU. Whether it’s volunteering, putting on an event, becoming a student rep or joining a society, you can have as much as an impact as you want and at the same time boosting your experience and career prospects. And it’s never not a good time, so regardless of if you’re in 1st year or final year, doing a PhD or a semester abroad – get involved!



There’s an old saying that “What Manchester does today, the world does tomorrow” and I think the SU embodies this perfectly. From our Liberation campaigns to student democracy, from extra-curricular activities to mental health; from our national impacts to our commitment to the community, we are at the forefront of creativity, progress and inclusion and I’m really proud to be a part of that.


  Introducing Life Skills Workshops
  Better podcasting provision
  Fighting future fees
  Sustaining and promoting existing services around the university
  Review of PHD Supervision
  Supporting education programs involving the University and the wider community



  Get more students involved in genuine academic representation and represent the views of students on academic issues
  Direct the Union’s work on educational and academic issues
  Direct the Union’s work on academic representation to improve the experience of students
  Increase the number of students involved in genuine academic representation
  Represent the views of students on academic issues
  Support the work of the Faculty Representatives