Hey! My name is Emma Atkins and I am your Education Officer for 2016/2017. 

I have always been interested in education and politics, and my journey to the Students’ Union began when I went on the march against the rise in tuition fees in 2010 – not only did this event make me more politically active, but I became very interested in fighting injustices within education. I became involved with the Union through my work in the volunteering society Enactus, and became project leader of their educational project Speak Up. My work as a student rep made me realise how important student representation is within the university, and my desire to improve this system was instrumental in my decision to run for Education Officer.

My wisdom

I believe education has the capacity to unlock most of the problems in our society – not only does it allow everyone to reach their full potential academically and vocationally, but knowing more about the different people, cultures and ways of life in the world eradicates the types of discrimination that is based on fear or ignorance. Sex education engages people with issues like consent, gender stereotypes and the spectrum of sexuality; political education arms young people with the knowledge and tools needed to stand up for their futures, and I think the Union can play a pivotal role in facilitating this education in the university and wider community.

My favourite thing about the Students' Union

It is really inspiring to see just how determined, enthusiastic and creative students can be. I love seeing the ideas and campaigns coming out from students and staff, from Democracy, to Activities to the hundreds of societies the Union offers, all of which strive to make the experience at university more enjoyable and rewarding for every student at Manchester.

My Top Priorities:

1. Introducing Life Skill Workshops

2. Improving the availability of resources

3. Increasing dialogue between departments. 

4. Sustaining and promoting existing services around the university. 

5. Supporting education programs involving the university and the wider community

As Education Officer Emma works as part of the Exec Team to:

 Get more students involved in genuine academic representation and represent the views of students on academic issues

 Direct the Union’s work on educational and academic issues

 Direct the Union’s work on academic representation to improve the experience of students

 Increase the number of students involved in genuine academic representation

 Represent the views of students on academic issues

 Support the work of the Faculty Representatives

Emma is based in the Student Voice Office on the ground floor or the Students' Union.

Contact Emma: emma.atkins@manchester.ac.uk

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