Activities and Development Officer

Why did you get involuved in the SU?

The infinite range of activities, events, societies, people to meet, and opportunities to jump at is the best thing about the SU, and the best thing about University! The second best thing is the amazing community that you can be part of. I got involved with the SU because, after two years of studying and waiting for the fun to come to me (and it didn't really...) I thought I'd chuck myself into the deep end and join every society under the sun, just to see what the fuss was about. And here I am! I got involved with most sustainability projects, became part of the People & Planet Society, got elected as the Ethical and Environmental Part-Time Officer, and organised protests for divestment, and I've never looked back.

If you could achieve one thing in your year as an officer, what would it be?

The one thing I want to achieve this year as an officer is to help shape the curriculum to fully embed sustainability and liberation issues, so it
can be a lasting effect to future students.

Who’s your icon?

My icon is Greta Thunberg! Although she's rad enough to probably hate being an icon to someone...

Away from student politics, what do you like to do?

Away from student politics, Extinction Rebellion is my life! Nothing more important than that, and I've given up most other interests to
focus on that.

What’s your best memory of being a student at UoM?

My best memory of being a student at UoM is the feeling of getting elected for the first time to be Activities and Development Officer!

What’s your proudest moment?

My proudest moment is organising a divest protest in the summer of 2017, where we marched all through the grounds - we were only about
8 students and managed to get about 80 people on our march around campus, which was ace!

What are you going to do for me, the average UoM student, to improve my everyday life?

I'm going to work even harder than last year to ensure that your education and time at UoM is focused on sustainability and benefits the
environment, and that you can go on to lead in the environmental movement and to fight for our future. Join me!

My Priorities

  • Help to improve student engagement Make
  • Make all events and activities accessible to everyone
  • Make all events and activities as sustainable as possible
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