Education Officer

Why did you get involved with the SU?

Even before I became a student at UoM, the SU has always felt like a welcoming space for me, especially in the live music side! As a student, the SU allowed me to learn totally new skills and also enable me to have a voice as a Student Rep and vouch for a quality education that should truly be up-to-date with the challenges of our time.

If you could achieve one thing in your year as an Officer, what would it be?

Make sure that our student body is provided a quality teaching and learning experience in an effective transition to blended learning while successfully retrofitting our curriculum to reflect the environmental and social challenges imposed by the climate crisis in a decolonised, intersectional and democratic manner.

Who’s your icon?

My icon is one of the most audacious American jazz artists of our century: Esperanza Spalding. Her singular artistic approach puts us on a journey of Afro-Latin, Brazilian, R&B, Funk and Jazz Fusion sounds, in a radical expression of multiculturalism, feminism, human rights activism and a “F*** it, whatever” attitude that I relate to on a very deep level. Check. Her. Out.

What’s your best memory of being a student at UoM?

One of the best memories was being able to see The Internet in Manchester Academy 1 with my best friend just after nailing my lab practical while laughing throughout with my lab partner – and I thought to myself: “This is it. This is where I belong”.

What do you love most about Manchester?

I love Manchester’s music scene. Times are hard right now for so many players in this industry while they truly make the cultural soul of the city. Shout out to all our prolific Mancunian artists – keep creating, collaborating and spreading passion – and shout out to everyone who supports our local scene.

What’s your proudest moment?

My proudest moment was probably being able to play bass guitar across english festivals in the Summer of 2018 and ultimately perform at Boomtown with hard-working and amazing musicians.

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