Liberation and Access Officer

Why did you get involved with the SU?

I really love UoM and I have a strong desire to elevate the voices of those who have historically been silenced and work to help people understand one another better. I hope my participation will increase the diversity and representation of the SU.

If you could achieve one thing in your year as an Officer, what would it be?

I’d like to equip students with the skills and resources to tackle institutional racism.

Who’s your icon?

François-Marie Arouet

What’s your best memory of being a student at UoM?

I met one of my best friends and we shared happinesses and sorrows together. That’s my precious memory.

What do you love most about Manchester?

I love the amazing history of Manchester. As we all know, Manchester was the birthplace of the First Industrial Revolution.

What’s your proudest moment?

I redecorated my home for my parents.

Want to know more about Yueru Du?

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