Welfare and Community Officer

1. Why did you get involved in the SU?

I wanted to make change, Uni is a tough place for a lot of people, for a whole host of reasons. I want to make people’s time at University the best it possibly can be and I believe being part of the Union is the best way to achieve that.

2. If you could achieve one thing as an officer what would it be?

I want to show students that as a collective voice we have the ability to make a lot of change. If what I achieve this year is that more students come together and take a stand against injustice, then I’ll count that as a massive success.

3. Who’s your Icon?

As Cheesy as it may sound I think everyone I’ve met in my time at uni are my idols, I think everyone has taught me something incredibly powerful, whether that’s something specific or general. I don’t think I’d have run for the role without that influence.

4. Away from student politics, what do you like to do?

I’m doing a lot of campaigning with climate change groups at the moment, but in term time I’m involved with the Pantomime society so have been in a few of their shows. (even though I can’t sing, act or dance), I also play a lot of board games.

5. What’s your best memory from being a student at UoM?

I think my favourite memory has to be the dinners in Tower during my first year, the food wasn’t great, but the social aspect of being in a catered hall and seeing everyone at dinner every day was what kept me sane. That and playing an Oompa Loompa called Steve.

6. What’s your proudest moment?

I honestly don’t know; maybe the fact that I got into Uni, it was touch and go during my A-Levels, so just being a  part of student life here is something that I’m really glad to be involved in and hope, as an officer, I can give back to.

7. What are you going to do for me, the average UoM student, to improve my everyday life?

I’m going to listen and act on that, the door to the office is always open and I’m more than happy to chat about anything, welfare and community related or not, and if I’m not the best person to help, I’ll help you reach the person who is.

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