Let our new 2019/2020 Exec Team introduce themselves. Exec Officers sit on a variety of University Committee Meetings and Working Groups. You can download a list of all meetings and find out who from the SU is in attendance. The list also includes the details for each chair of the group.

Kwame Asamoah Kwarteng
General Secretary

Kwame Asamoah Kwarteng joins the Exec team this year as General Secretary, and is the first International student to ever hold the position. His inspiration for the role is Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first prime minister, and he wants to similarly fight for the rights and voices of all students on campus. Kwame aims to help employability through a ‘Project Lab’ programme.


Ayla Huseyinoglu
Women’s Officer

Ayla joins the SU Exec team new this year after recently graduating with a degree in History and Politics. She hopes to open up discussion around the way gender affects the life of every student at UoM, and focus on women’s safety at the University. Ayla would also like to run monthly 5K runs for women, and lobby for cheaper sanitary products and condoms on campus.


Rana Phool
Postgraduate Officer

Incoming Postgrad Officer Rana Phool is aiming to use his position to give a voice to the University’s underrepresented Postgraduates. He started a company with two friends during his undergrad degree, and wants to bring that passion for helping the community into his new role. His main goals for the year are creating designated Postgrad study spaces and ensuring the Students’ Union is an inclusive place.


Chloe Salins
Education Officer

This year’s Education Officer Chloe Salins joins the Exec looking to improve levels of communication between students and Faculty staff through the use of student representatives. Her icon is Shadow Secretary of State for Education Angela Rayner, and wants to emulate her success coming from an area where very few people go to University or into politics. She wants to ensure all students throughout the university feel heard and cared for, especially in regards to mental health support on campus.


Lizzy Haughton
Activities & Development Officer

Lizzy continues in her role as Activities and Development Officer for the second consecutive year, after introducing several new initiatives around sustainability in the SU last year. She hopes to extend this focus on sustainability, particularly by giving sustainability training to all staff at the SU and setting up a sustainability committee.


Adam Haigh
Welfare & Community Officer

Adam is another new officer this year, and wants to work to promote a community feeling within the Union. He hopes to make the SU a more inclusive space for all students, and work with them to tackle mental health issues and educate them on their rights when it comes to housing, employment, and policing.


Sara Khan
Liberation and Access Officer

Liberation and Access Officer Sara Khan returns for a second year in this role. Hoping to continue shaking things up, Sara wants to keep actively decolonising the curricula, empowering students with the confidence to have tough, critical discussions. She challenges the idea of the ‘average student’, instead asking how this concept can exclude and marginalise certain people.


Jake Garrett
International Officer

Jake is also new to his role this year, and hopes to increase the number of activities the SU runs for international students by running trips, sporting events, and communal activities. He also wants to work to tackle xenophobia on campus and lobby to allow international students to take digital resit examinations. He is passionate about travelling and languages, and hopes to share this with students!

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