2018/19 Exec Team


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  • Riddi
  • Hello! I’m Riddi Viswanathan, your first full-time International Students’ Officer. I am an international student from India and a graduate in Business Studies and Economics. I am passionate about entrepreneurship, journalism & media and music. I am also a voracious reader.

    Last year, I had the honour of representing you as your diversity officer and we, together, ran buzzing campaigns, celebrated festivities and empowered student voice. Thank you for choosing to re-represent with me this year. I aspire to make the Students’ Union a home to all you international students who have travelled miles away from your families.
  • riddi.Viswanathan@manchester.ac.uk
  • https://twitter.com/DiversityMcr
  • https://www.facebook.com/riddivisu.su.3
  • The international student journey is not always polished. It is indeed a roller coaster ride and in the process, the voices of international students are often lost. To represent the under-represented, we, at Manchester SU, formed the ‘International Student Network’ to make concerns of international students heard. With the incredible support of students and staff, we now have a full-time officer dedicated to voice the issues facing international students. International students are still under-represented nationally and I am passionate about supporting international students to become the change agents in their unions, at their institutions and at the parliament.
  • The Students’ Union, to me, is an all-in-one package- a home where I have made lifelong friends, an entertainment hub, a platform which has developed me by providing me with opportunities to get involved in volunteering, part-time jobs, societies, sports and media but most importantly, it is place which builds vibrant, committed, radical student leaders who change the world and inspire those around them to make a difference.
  • Enhance employment prospects for international students through tailored volunteering and work experience opportunities

    Enrich the educational experience by providing support on plagiarism, mitigating circumstances, early timetabling and de-stigmatising mental health

    Establish the International tuition fee review committee to campaign to reduce placement year tuition fee

    Internationalise the Students’ Union by globalising the food, introducing intercultural dialogues and empowering cultural societies

    Inclusive and multi-lingual welcome week for international students
  • I will make the Union and the university an international student friendly and a diverse welcoming body

    I will work to empower international students to take up leadership positions locally and nationally

    I will make the Union a home for international students who stay back during Christmas and Easter breaks

    I will make the Union an inclusive and an engaging place for postgraduate students and liberation groups

    I will fight to ensure that international students have access to equal opportunity within the university

Riddi Viswanathan

International Students’ Officer
Quote 1 I will make the Union an inclusive and an engaging place for postgraduate students and liberation groupsQuote 2

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  • Deej
  • I’m a student-parent whilst going into my second year as an executive officer. Previously I held at a campaign and citizenship position, before I was a political student. Once working as a drugs and mental health worker at ‘Youth Inclusion’ for a total of ten years. These positions have taken me from Manchester to Scotland and also America. Giving me real insight into the social justice and wellbeing of others from all around the globe. This brings me back to student union, after I was also re-elected as an NUS for the first ever parent and cares rep. If you need any help or support for whatever reason possible please contact me.
  • deej.malik-johnson@manchester.ac.uk
  • https://twitter.com/CampaignsMcr
  • https://www.facebook.com/deej.malikjohnsonsu
  • As students, we often find ourselves overstretched, overworked, overwhelmed and all to often we find ourselves not looking after ourselves. In the student union we work tirelessly to make sure ‘you’ get all the help you need!
  • The Students' Union has for me always been the heart of my university life. It's the place where I was empowered and inspired to make change, but it was also the place I could relax with my friends and chat over a brew. It’s where I’ll go for a gig and also where I can go for support. I’ve made friends for life, met some of the most inspiring people I could wish to and taught my daughter to paint banners!
  • Student mental health

    Engaging community services

    Improving University Counseling

    Making the University for parents, carers, matures students living at home and supporting liberation
  • Making the University a happier and a more supportive place.

Deej Malik-Johnson

Welfare Officer
Quote 1Making the University a happier and a more supportive place.Quote 2

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  • Sara
  • I’m just a local Salfordian really with Algerian parents! I graduated with a Law with Politics degree and my experience at University was definitely changed by getting involved in the Students' Union. As your Women’s Officer, I hope to make each of your experiences here just as incredible as mine.
  • sara.heddi@manchester.ac.uk
  • https://twitter.com/WomensMCR
  • https://www.facebook.com/saraheddi.su
  • Get involved in the union. Join societies, go to events, and meet different people. You’ll find that there is a whole range of opportunities and experiences that you can’t afford to miss out on. Whether that’s future careers, going abroad or attending national events, these experiences will shape you as a person and will truly make Uni life amazing. Get involved, and come see me when you do!
  • The best thing about the Students' Union is that you can choose how much you want to get involved with when you're here. You can use it as a one stop shop to find out about societies and clubs, take part in campaigns, or even run as an officer to help represent a cause that is important to you. It’s completely up to you! The opportunities are endless!
  • Push for increased awareness of 'We Get It' and organise more self defence classes for women

    Lobby for compulsary consent workshops at Freshers

    Take Reclaim The Night into the community and make it bigger and better than ever

    Work with all the liberation officers to take a unified approach when working for under represented groups on campus

    Launch a campign promoting body confidence and raise awareness of eating disorders
  • Reform the University’s Sexual Harassment Policy and lobby for better support provision and procedures

    Make Reclaim the Night student led again

    Run 16 Days of Activism, We Get It, Active Bystander and #ThisGirlCan Campaigns

    Free sanitary product range for students including mooncups
    Work with the Union to support more women-led events and campaigns

Sara Heddi

Women Officer
Quote 1Work with the Union to support more women-led events and campaignsQuote 2

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  • Fatima
  • Hello everyone! I am Fatima, and I am from Manchester but have lived in many countries and cultures all over the world. I studied Pharmacology & Physiology, and whilst a student here; I have played for the University Basketball Women’s first team for three years, and also lead children’s projects at the union.
  • fatima.abid@manchester.ac.uk
  • https://twitter.com/fatimabidSU
  • https://www.facebook.com/fatima.abidsu
  • The university experience is about so much more than just obtaining a degree. I wholeheartedly believe that we need to go out there as productive members of society who will contribute to not only creating change but also enriching our communities for ourselves and our future generations, and to do that we need to be involved in more ways than just our academics. So I suggest that you get involved with anything that even slightly interests you - you never know how you will develop as a person, but it almost always is a good thing!
  • The SU has not only given me the tools and means to carry out my ideas and interests in the community with schools and shelters but it also has given me the support I needed when it life got difficult, whether that was academically or personally. I came to university to get a degree, but the SU has helped me become a well-rounded human being.
  • I want to increase podcast provision

    I want to improve bus services for students

    I want to continue trying to integrate the north campus into everyday university life
  • Implement a life long learning environment at the university that includes ‘little’ libraries, intra-faculty networking events, improving feedback mechanisms, and increasing podcast provision

    Increase mental health awareness amongst both students and staff because it requires the efforts of both to effectively help anyone who is struggling

    Integrate the north campus into everyday university life by hosting events and workshops for students

Fatima Abid

General Secretary
Quote 1I want to continue trying to integrate the north campus into everyday university lifeQuote 1

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  • Lizzy
  • In my my first year of University I didn't get involved with anything to do with the Students Union, and felt like I was missing out on something, but didn't know exactly what it was. As soon as second year came around I walked into the SU, signed up to as many societies as I could, and haven't looked back since! The SU has given me so much, and I want to give back to students what I have received over the years.
  • elizabeth.haughton@manchester.ac.uk
  • https://twitter.com/ActivitiesMcr
  • https://www.facebook.com/kitty.bartlettsu.9
  • Get Busy!
  • The infinite range of activities, events, societies, people to meet, and opportunities to jump at is the best thing about the SU, and the best thing about University! The second best thing is the amazing community that you can be part of.
  • Help to improve student engagement

    Make Pangaea great again!

    Make all events and activities accessible to everyone

    Make all events and activities as sustainable as possible
  • Create an efficient platform for societies to advertise events and increase membership

    Increase the number of places outside of the University to shelve the Mancunion

    Provide better accessibility to all student events and activities

    Promote more student talent / Improve sustainability in the SU and around University

    Set up a zero-waste shop in the SU

    Set up a Community Fridge in the SU

    Make the SU more affordable by bringing in more deals on food and drinks

Lizzy Haughton

Activities & Development Officer
Quote 1Increase the accessibility for student activitiesQuote 2

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  • Olivia
  • I am a joint honours BA Politics and Spanish graduate. I am passionate about education and have taught in multiple countries, and been a student rep and a faculty officer throughout my time at UoM. I hope to improve the tools available for students to have their voices heard within the university in order to secure the changes they want to see happen.
  • olivia.meisl@manchester.ac.uk
  • https://twitter.com/EducationMcr
  • https://www.facebook.com/EmmaEducationMcr
  • Speak up if there is something you want to change, get involved, and be active with your education. Don't be afraid to question what is put before you.
  • The Union has a history of pushing for change and lobbying the university on the academic side for the benefit of students. The SU oversees student reps and faculty officers - these are some of the most effective ways of seeing change happen within the university.
  • My priorities lie in reforming the student system to make it more accessible for students to raise queries about their academic life and have their voice heard within university.
  • Create online records of student rep and faculty officer activity

    Build a student rep hub and database to give students greater capacity to push for change on their courses

    Offer more possibilities for student voice to be heard at a higher level of university leadership

    Lobby the university to support #liberatemydegree

    Ensure the university IT system has the capacity to release exam dates earlier


    Fighting continued DSA cuts

    Working with university staff against staff cuts and unfair pension changes

    Calling for a lowered interest rate on student loans and stopping retrospective changes to our contracts

Olivia Meisl

Education Officer
Quote 1Sustaining and promoting existing services around the universityQuote 2

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  • Shamima
  • Looking back, one of my biggest regrets at university is failing to grasp opportunities beyond my degree in first year. The experiences I’ve had during my second and final years has really helped me develop as a person and has positively shaped my life. I’m excited to work towards further strengthening the bridge between students and the Manchester community, as well as facilitating and supporting your campaigns!
  • shamima.khonat@manchester.ac.uk
  • https://twitter.com/CommunityMCRSU
  • https://www.facebook.com/jack.houghtonsu.9
  • It’s obvious majority of the degrees at university don’t equip you with life skills! This can only be achieved through putting yourself out there and actively participating in campaigns, projects and events beyond the lecture theatre. By engaging with the SU, you have the opportunity to network with others, take on challenges, learn more about yourself and so much more that will benefit your journey post-university.
  • The SU is the central hub for change, a place for support and a home for students. It inspires and empowers the student voice to make a positive difference in the world. The SU offers a range of activities, volunteering opportunities and plenty of societies to get involved in!
  • To collaborate with local organisations to raise awareness and inspire student action to work towards long term homelessness prevention strategies

    To work with the Council, Mayors office and police to tackle increasing crime rates against students in Manchester

    Continue working with Manchester Student Homes, accommodation office, ACORN and other housing unions to tackle issues surrounding housing and landlords

    Empower students to defend their rights including cuts within the education sector

    Support and grow our campaigns
  • Facilitate the Union’s work on issues surrounding citizenship

    Encouraging students to lead on campaigns and support the development of existing campaigning groups and societies

    Direct the Union’s work on matters surrounding student accommodation and safety

    Increase bursaries for living at home students

Shamima Khonat

Community, Campaigns and Citizenship Officer
Quote 1I aim to empower the student voice through increased student engagementQuote 2

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  • Sara
  • I'm an English Literature student and all-around nerd. My interest in liberation activism grew from my own experience as a queer Muslim woman, and the opportunity that the University of Manchester has given me to explore and discuss the lack of representation, services, and support that exists for marginalised people. As your Liberation & Access Officer, I hope to fight for a campus that is inclusive, safe, and caters to all students' needs
  • sara.khan@manchester.ac.uk
  • https://twitter.com/WellbeingMcr
  • https://www.facebook.com/saqib.mahmood.1481
  • You have more power than you think! Bureaucracy can be off-putting - trust me, I'm not its biggest fan - but you have a voice that deserves to be heard, and it will be. I know I wouldn't have been able to accomplish anywhere near as much during my time here without the advice, support, and the warm environment of the Union and its societies. We are here to help you, so never hesitate to pop in, ask questions (no question is a bad one), and say whatever's on your mind.
  • The SU has felt like a home to me ever since I arrived in Manchester three years ago. Food, drink, study spaces, meeting spaces, friendly faces - everything you could possibly want during your time as a student is right here. It's a place where you can just be you - whoever that is!
  • Make the mitigating circumstances process more accessible

    Improve childcare provision on campus

    Improve and diversify the counselling service

    Lobby for more multi-faith prayer spaces on campus

    Lobby for a diverse curriculum that is inclusive of the achievements of women, ethnic minorities, and LGBT+ people
  • Make the mitigating circumstances process more accessible

    Improve childcare provision on campus

    Improve and diversify the counselling service

    Lobby for more multi-faith prayer spaces on campus

    Lobby for a diverse curriculum that is inclusive of the achievements of women, ethnic minorities, and LGBT+ people

Sara Khan

Liberation and Access Officer
Quote 1Lobby for more multi-faith prayer spaces on campusQuote 2