Faculty Officers

Each Faculty has 4 Officers; two Undergraduate, one PostGraduate Taught and one PostGraduate Research. They are there to represent your Faculty's views and ensure that the Student Voice is heard on major Faculty-wide decisions. The Faculty Officers are elected each October and their term runs until the following October. 


Your Officers for October 2016-October 2017 are:

Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health


Faculty of Humanities


Faculty of Science and Engineering

UG Officers

Cindy Soh and Vivian Odobeatu


Leigh Johnson and Kirsty Sutherland


 Zaid Shaikh and Huzefa Asghar 

PGT Officer

Dawit Desalegne 


Cristina Ciomos & Sabina Negut


Siyang Liang

PGR Faculty Officer

Niall Morris


Tiffany Leung


Aleksandra Besevic