Thursday 30 November 17:00


As you may know, a review of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) was initiated in December 2016 to consider different structures in which the Faculty might be organised.  It deals primarily with the governance of the Faculty and does not review the curriculum of individual disciplines. It does, however, look at how we might improve by standardising our processes and sharing best practice across the Faculty to improve our teaching and better support our students. 

When the Review Group first published its REPORT in June 2017, the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Martin Schröder, hosted four open sessions to discuss the proposals with academic colleagues and visited all nine Schools in order to gain a better understanding of how best to implement changes, whilst maintaining the clear identity of all our subject disciplines.

We appreciate that the timescales of the initial consultation in June made it difficult for students to feed into the conversation at that stage. We are very keen to engage with you on this and would like to invite you to a special Faculty Forum meeting taking place at 5pm on Thursday 30th November. Please register your interest HERE. The meeting will be facilitated by the Assistant Vice Dean for Teaching, Learning and Students, Professor Steve Pettifer in conjunction with members of the Student Union executive team. It will be an opportunity to discuss your views on the options for reorganisation and explore any issues that you want to consider in parallel with the Faculty Review.

We hope to see many of you at the meeting in November.  


Professor Martin Schröder

Alex Tayler, General Secretary, Students’ Union