General Secretary

I'm Fatima

Hello everyone! I am Fatima, and I am from Manchester but have lived in many countries and cultures all over the world. I studied Pharmacology & Physiology, and whilst a student here; I have played for the University Basketball Women’s first team for three years, and also lead children’s projects at the union.

My Wisdom

The university experience is about so much more than just obtaining a degree. I wholeheartedly believe that we need to go out there as productive members of society who will contribute to not only creating change but also enriching our communities for ourselves and our future generations, and to do that we need to be involved in more ways than just our academics. So I suggest that you get involved with anything that even slightly interests you - you never know how you will develop as a person, but it almost always is a good thing!

Why SU?

The SU has not only given me the tools and means to carry out my ideas and interests in the community with schools and shelters but it also has given me the support I needed when it life got difficult, whether that was academically or personally. I came to university to get a degree, but the SU has helped me become a well-rounded human being.

My Priorities

I want to increase podcast provision

I want to improve bus services for students

I want to continue trying to integrate the north campus into everyday university life

My Manifesto

Implement a life long learning environment at the university that includes ‘little’ libraries, intra-faculty networking events, improving feedback mechanisms, and increasing podcast provision

Increase mental health awareness amongst both students and staff because it requires the efforts of both to effectively help anyone who is struggling

Integrate the north campus into everyday university life by hosting events and workshops for students