General Election

#GE2017: Bitesize party manifestos

As the #GeneralElection draws closer and the major UK political parties launch their manifestos; the National Union of Students take a closer look at their policies and pledges - and questioning how they’ll impact on students...


Liberal Democrats:



How Do I Register To Vote?

You can register to vote HERE 

Do I Need My National Insurance Number To Register?

No, although it does make registering much quicker. If you’ve lost your number, check any of your payslips, P60, or letters about tax. You can find out more information HERE

How Can I Check If I'm Already Registered?

You can check with your local authority HERE to see if you are already registered. If you have voted in recent local elections or last year’s EU Referendum and haven’t moved then you’re probably already registered. However, it is bestter to check you are before the 22nd May. 

Who Can Vote In The General Election?

Any British citizens and Irish, qualifying Commonwealth, or European Union Citizen living in the UK. Find out more information HERE

Can I Register At Two Addresses?

Yes, students can register at two addresses. If you're not sure where you will be on the 8th June, you can register at your term time address and your home address. But remember, you can only vote in one of these locations.

Unsure Which Constituency To Vote In?

Compare your Uni postcode and your Home postcode to see where your vote counts most. Find out HERE

When Is The Election?

The General Election will take place on Thursday 8th June 2017

How Do I Vote?

You can go to your local Polling Station (it must be your specific Polling Station), between 7am and 10pm. If you’re still waiting in a queue when the polls close at 10pm you are still entitled to vote.

Find where your local polling station is HERE

How Can I Vote If I'm Not In My Constitutency On The 8 June?

You can apply for either a postal vote or a proxy vote - see below. 

A Postal Vote

A postal vote will be sent to you and you can fill in your ballot and post it off before the date stated, OR bring it with you to your Polling Station on the 8 June.

The deadline for registering for a postal vote is 23rd May. Register HERE

A Proxy Vote

A proxy vote is when you approve someone else to vote in person on your behalf, such as a parent or friend. You can ask anyone to act as your proxy - as long as they’re registered to vote and they’re allowed to vote in the same type of election. They don’t have to be registered in the same constituency as you.

The deadline to apply is 5pm on 31 May! Apply HERE

Where Can I Vote/Where Is My Polling Station?

You can only vote in person at your local Polling Station. Find yours HERE   

Do I Need My Polling Card To Vote?

If you don’t receive a polling card prior to the election but have registered before the 22nd May then get in touch with your local authority. However you don’t need to bring it with you in order to vote.

Where Should I Vote In The General Election?

Students can register twice, in their home constituency and term time constituency, but you can only vote once so choose carefully. Do some research into each constituency and the candidates you could vote for.  You can check the results of the 2015 General Election on Wikipedia which may inform your choice of where to vote. 

Who Should I Vote For? 

Do some research, find out who your candidates are by entering your postcode HERE