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We are the African Caribbean Society of the University of Manchester. 

ACS exists for all races & ethnicities. Our aim is to invoke appreciation for and enlighten those amongst the student population and wider community, about the rich heritage of African and Caribbean nations in an informative but stimulating way for all to share. In addition, we exist to promote growth both personally and professionally for the African and Caribbean student community.

The ACS is also a platform for African and Caribbean students at the Manchester universities to come together, educate their peers and encourage cultural appreciation through a variety of events.

ACS is headed up by an executive committee comprising of a wide range of students from all faculties with different African and Caribbean backgrounds. Members are the foundation of the ACS therefore membership is encouraged and we welcome everyone to join. Membership provides a network and a stronger rapport within the society.

We trust that for however long you are in Manchester to study, you will enjoy the role of the ACS in university life!


For more information please contact our comittee

Secretary: Neso Ebenebe acsmanchester18@gmail.com

President: Jesy Kamale Luyengi president@acsmanchester.com

Vice-President: Ines Adeogun-Phillips vice-president@acsmanchester.com


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