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At Manchester Universities Ballroom and Latin Society (lovingly known as MUBLS) we teach the 10 dances of Ballroom and Latin including cha cha, waltz, jive, and quickstep. Come and join over 200 students in one of the most fun and outgoing clubs at Manchester University!

We welcome dancers of all levels - you do not need any previous experience to become a member. Do not worry if you'd like to have a go but don't have a partner - you'll dance with many different partners during our lessons!
With weekly classes, private lessons, and individual practice, every member can learn new routines and improve their technique at their own pace.

At MUBLS you can look forward to:
- Dancing competitions, including Nationals in Blackpool
- Performances
- Award-winning ”Strictly Come Manchester”
- DanceFest Tour in Spain
- Salsa socials
- Unique workshops
and much more!

Classes are held every Sunday (£4 for members and £5 for non-members).
Membership costs: £15 per year, £9 per semester

The goal of MUBLS will always be to allow all its members to enjoy Ballroom and Latin dancing to its fullest potential, and we will actively look for new opportunities to help them improve.

If you want to get in touch, you can find us on:
Facebook - @MUBLS
Instagram - @mubls_
or you can email us at

Happy dancing!

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