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We are a friendly and informal society for those who want to get together with friends and play social games.

The society is open to everyone, whether you are a board game enthusiast or a complete beginner we would love you to join!


Membership is completely free!

As are all our regular events!



Our regular gaming meet-up takes place in Woolton Hall, which is in Owen's Park, every Tuesday at 8:00 pm.


Check the sidebar to find out more about our events and games!




For more information please join our Facebook group, follow us on Twitter or send us an email!


[email protected]





Regular Gaming Meet-up

Our regular gaming meet-up is every Tuesday during semester time, 8pm 'til late.
We have an incredible gaming space in Woolton Hall, Owens Park, Fallowfield.
It's really easy to find but if you get lost give us a tweet!
See the map at the bottom of the page if you don't know where Woolton Hall is.

What Happens at a Gaming Meet-Up?

If you have never been to a gaming meet-up before you might be curious as to how it works.

We all meet in the foyer of Woolton Hall at about 8pm and then head through to the gaming area.
We have a library of games available that people are free to look through, though many people bring their own games too.
People will suggest different games they would like to play, if people are interested groups will form and break off to play those games.
As games begin and end through the night groups form, disband and mingle. You may find yourself in a 2-player game of Netrunner followed by a 30-player game of Werewolf!

The whole affair is very informal and although our start time is 8pm you can come and go whenever you like. Most gaming is finished by midnight but some naughty children have been known to play on until 5am!


Arriving Late

You can arrive to the regular meet-up whenever you like but as Woolton Hall is a secure building someone needs to let you in.
If you arrive after 8pm everyone will have moved through to the gaming area. Just wander round to the back of the building, you will see us all gaming through the windows. Just knock on one of the windows and some kind soul will let you in.


Woolton Hall
All our regular meet-ups take place in Woolton Hall which is in the centre of Owen's Park which is a student halls complex in Fallowfield. It's really easy to find, there are signs throughout Owen's Park. If you get lost give us a tweet!

Here is a map to Woolton Hall if you have never been before:

Becoming a Member

Membership is completely free!
To become a member you must click the 'JOIN THIS GROUP' button at the top of the page.
If you are a student this is all you need to do.
Non-student members are very welcome too but will need to register when they click the button. Registration is fast and free!

We receive funding from the SU based on the number of official members we have. More members means more funding. More funding means more games and events so sign-up!

What kind of games do you play?

If you are new to the hobby you might be surprised to know that a whole field of entertainment has been hiding in plain sight!
Board games have evolved far beyond the old standards of Scrabble and Monopoly in the same way video games evolved beyond Pong and Donkey Kong.

There's nothing wrong with these older titles but since those early examples designers and players have learned a great deal about game design and what makes games fun to play. The result is a diverse field of entertainment full of distinct genres and themes.


Our Games Library

As well as any games our members bring along the society offers a diverse and ever-growing library of games to play for free during our events.

Our library catalogue can be found on Gamer's Roll Call by clicking here

or alternatively on BGG by clicking on Ernie.




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